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The Hydrogen Revolution
A Blueprint for the Future
of Clean Energy

Picture this: It’s 2050. The looming shadow of climate change has finally been banished. The planet is stabilised. Rainforests and coral reefs are thriving. We are finally at equilibrium. This isn’t wishful thinking; it can be our reality. We just need to embrace the missing link between us and truly clean energy: Hydrogen.
The beauty of hydrogen is its simplicity. It’s simple to make, and simple to use. And once you have it, you can do almost anything with it: store it, transport it, pipe it, even burn it.
That may sound too good to be true, but as energy expert Marco Alverà explains, if we’re going to heal the climate, we need to start thinking big. This book is the blueprint for how to get us there. This is not just another climate change book. This is a guidebook for how to save the world and whether you are a policy maker, a business person, an activist, or simply curious, the message is this: there is hope, for us and our planet.
By Hodder Studio

The Secret of Water

Venice. On a full moon night the members of a secret society gather in an ancient palace. A few street further on, Bepi Galvano, a Physics expert, is about to turn eighty years-old. To celebrate the anniversary, his neighbors, three bright kids, are planning a big party.
During the night, however, the Professor disappears in uncertain circumstances. Perhaps, the enigma of his disappearance involves that mysterious organization, the Lunar Society? In a labyrinth-ridden Venice, three young protagonists are about to face a race against time. The future of humanity could be hidden in the Professor’s latest invention, an incredible machine that can produce green energy from water. Now it’s up to Bepi’s kids to gather his legacy and prevent darkness from falling forever on the world we know.


"Zhero - Il segreto dell’acqua" podcast

Follow us into the magical and enchanted atmosphere of Venice, to meet Giada, Serafina, and Michele – three inseparable friends that have been catapulted into a mysterious race against time in search for a machine capable of producing clean energy from water… an invention that could save our planet! Discover this incredible adventure, introduced by the voice of Marco Alverà: a story inspired by the children’s book that he wrote together with his two daughters and published by Salani.

Episode 1

Venice is the city of mysteries: thousands of myths and legends float across its lagoon. And it is here that three inseparable friends, Giada, Serafina and Michele, embark on an extraordinary adventure in search for Bepi, their beloved professor, who disappeared suddenly after a strange incident at his house. What happened to him? Who are the shady characters investigating his most incredible invention, the water machine? And does his disappearance involve the Lunar Society, a mysterious association of scientists, who may hold the future of our planet in its hands?

Episode 2

Bepi’s enigmatic disappearance has left Giada, Serafina and Michele with many questions. But the three friends soon discover that the professor had been hiding some clues that could lead them to the discovery of his precious water machine, a revolutionary device capable of saving the planet by generating clean energy. Will they be able to get hold of it before Vera? And what lies behind the blackout that has suddenly thrown Venice into total darkness?

Episode 3

After an unexpected treasure hunt over the rooftops of Venice and an intrepid race through the city’s canals on board of a gondola, our heroes are close to a showdown. At the Fire Station, they meet Gianni, an old friend of the professor who could put them on the right path to find Bepi and the water machine… if they manage to get there before Vera, who is now only a step away from her wicked objective… Will they manage?